what clients say about working with me

"I tell people that Steve's fee was the best money we spent on the whole project."
K.C. of Benicia

"I’ve tried other people and I can’t get them to see it the way I see it. With you it was easy. I just told you what I wanted and you made it work."
Phone call from developer T.H. of Danville CA

"I’m so happy. I am flabbergasted. You listened to me and didn’t just tell me we can’t do things. I’m so happy with this design."
Comments during meeting with V. C. in Alamo

"We've been very happy working with you; your work is good and you've got the right bedside manner."
Email from L. G. of Benicia

"This is awesome. You totally get what we were after."
Phone call from J.O. of Walnut Creek

"I really really like your sets of plans; very easy to read, very understandable. My guys could understand them. I could just go on and on about how great I think you are."
Phone message from R.D. general contractor

"We loved the way you listened to us but then you also had your ideas to share. . . . My husband had to laugh. The other day he came home to me standing in the middle of the family room yelling 'I love my house.'"
B.E. of Lafayette

"We feel lucky to have found Steve."

C.T. of Benicia

"I've never had a house that went this smoothly. Everything worked out. That almost never happens."

S.M. General Contracto

"It’s the perfect addition for this old house. It’s just like it was supposed to be here. I’m loving it."

D.K. of Pleasant Hill

"I love, love, love this house!"

C.D. of Murietta

"We particularly appreciated the careful pace in which Steve developed the design because it allowed us to carefully consider important decisions along the way in a very comfortable manner."

B.W. of Benicia

"I came home one night; the lights were on and I was so 'blissed out' by the house that I had Joe waltz me around the room for awhile."

D.B. of Benicia
at her house warming party

"Mark and I are so glad you were available to help create the plans for our home addition. You’ve created a beautiful, functional home for us that will take us well into the future. Your plans helped us deal efficiently and effectively with the city as well as our contractor. Thank you!"
Note from M.D. & K.D. of Benicia

"We just look at the house and go 'Dang, this is turning out perfect.' And we know, since neither one of us knew what we were doing, that a large part of that is your expertise and your help and I wanted to say thanks."
M.K. of Benicia